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Here's Why Norfolk, BlackRock and Altria are Buys

Canadian Pacific Railway dropped its bid to hook up with Norfolk Southern last month, but that does not mean Norfolk's shares are unattractive.

Jim Cramer Is a Fan of Altria’s Stock

TheStreet's Jim Cramer says he's not a smoker, but shares of Altria Group are on fire.

Read Between Headlines and 'Newsvest' in These 3 Stocks

Reading the newspapers every day should be a money making proposition and not just a method for keeping up with current events, said Matt Towery, author of Newsvesting.

S&P Finds Dividend Paying Stocks Consistently Outperform the Market

Investing in higher quality companies that consistently raise dividends typically leads to outperformance in the stock market, according to research from S&P Capital IQ.

Four Dividend Stocks You Can Count On

Cummins’ stock is up over 15% so far this year and the engine-maker’s shares should continue to rev higher due to a surge in demand.

Earnings Parade Continues on Thursday With Philip Morris, LinkedIn

The earnings parade continues on Thursday and here are some notable results to watch out for including Philip Morris and Occidental Petroleum.

Jim Cramer Says Own Target, Buy Boeing on a Dip, Add Disney

TheStreet's Jim Cramer says bank shares will move higher following a fed rate hike, Target is a name to own and wait to add shares of Boeing until they dip.

Jim Cramer Says Google Is Going to $800, Buy Allergan Over Pfizer

TheStreet's Jim Cramer says based on valuation, investors should buy Allergan (AGN) over Pfizer (PFE) because the two are moving closer to an acquisition.

Oil, Guns and Money: A New Fund for Conservative Investors

Impact investing takes a twist with a new fund launched by Freedom Capital, which seeks to invest in companies that socially responsible funds shy away from.

U.S. Stocks Open Higher; Goldman Sachs Slashes S&P Earnings Forecast

U.S. stocks opened higher Tuesdayeven as Goldman Sachs (GS) lowers its earnings forecast for S & P 500 companies.