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Altria Could Be Dangerous in More Ways Than One

As the tobacco name's Juul stake goes poof and nicotine restriction talks burn on, will investors eventually have to cough up their dividend hopes, too?

Turning Point Brands Needs to Bottom Out

Here's what I'll be watching for.

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Tobacco Dividend Kings Are Not Universal-ly Safe

As the world moves further away from risky smoking, let's compare two high yield dividend stocks to see which is most likely to outperform.

With BAD and VICE ETFs, the Devil Is in the Details

Will these exchange-traded funds pay off or send your portfolio up in a 'PUF'?

3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks With an International Flavor

BP, Novartis and British American Tobacco offer healthy payouts that look secure for years to come.

This Dividend King Has a Habit of Delivering High Yields

Altria Group is truly a diverse consumer products company that historically has withstood tough recessions.

This Dividend King Continues to Bear Fruit

Universal is a 5% yielding stock and it's growing its payout.

This Dividend Stock Is Cutting Through the Smoke

British American Tobacco is an undervalued dividend stock yielding 7%.

Altria Heads Lower but a Long-Term View May Be Helpful

Is there another trade to be made?