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Vape Recovery Goes Up in Smoke Amid Pandemic

Following widely reported lung injuries and bans, the products struggle to come back as concerns over Covid-19 burn on.

Philip Morris Looks Likely to Puff Up Its Dividend Soon

The tobacco giant's management has said its commitment to the dividend "remains unwavering," which supports expectations of a coming hike.

Fire Up Your Portfolio With This Dividend King

Altria has future growth potential, over 50 years of dividend increases and a high yield exceeding 8%.

This New Dividend King Shows That Slow and Steady Can Win the Race

Tobacco company Universal Corporation yields 7% and has raised its dividend for 50 years.

Want a Dividend Winner? Check the 10-K to Make Sure Investing is OK

Let's do some home work on Vector Group, as it cut its quarterly dividend.

Will Regulation Burn This New Dividend King's Throne?

Altria has moved up from Dividend Aristocrat to King, but new legislation could threaten the tobacco company and others.

Nervous About the Market and Need Income? I've Got the Stock for You

The next six months set up very well for this name with mid-single-digits growth and consistency in earnings and cash flow.

Dinner and a Smoke: Two Dividend Champs Soon to Get the Crown

Here we'll discuss the remaining two of the four Dividend Champions that, if all goes well, will soon become Kings.

Even a Recession Can't Burn Out This High-Yield Dividend Stock

Philip Morris International has paid rising dividends every year since its initial public offering in 2008, which occurred right in the middle of the Great Recession.

The Cannabis Sector and Its Dot-Com Like Meltdown

Black-market vaping has made the entire cannabis group toxic.