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This Bounce Looks Like 2020, but Without Massive Stimulus How Far Can It Go?

It is hard to gauge how much this market has legs without the Fed and Congress pumping trillions of dollars into the economy.

The Biggest Market Positive Is That Everyone Knows How Bad Things Are

The trillion-dollar question is to what degree the negative news already has been priced into the market.

The Fog of War Besets the Market

The great challenge for market participants right now is that there is no safety in individual stocks.

Russia's Nuclear Plant Attack Makes Case for Traders Moving to Cash Each Night

With a madman on the loose conducting a ludicrous war, this is a time for less risk, not more.

CrowdStrike: Strike While the Cybersecurity Iron Is Hot?

CRWD is getting a lot of attention as the risk of global threats ramp up.

Kass: Remembering 9/11 and a Great Man

On this day, as has been the case for the past 20 years, my eyes remain full of tears.

Here's Where I Start Paying Attention to CrowdStrike Shares

My first thought is to stay long cybersecurity, as this is the one slice of the software industry, no make that the entire economy, that bears almost inelastic demand.

Willful Blindness Has Defined the Investing World

This idol worship and top heaviness in the market has the effect of crowding out real innovation.

Taliban's Afghan Takeover Spills Over to Asian Neighbors

Pakistan, India and China are the regional economies that are most directly affected by the instability in Afghanistan.

Behind the Bitcoin Veil, Fiat's Crypto Evolution, Striking While the Iron Is Hot

Plus, questioning MicroStrategy Inc.'s plans to sell a bundle of debt to add to its Bitcoin long position.