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Checking in Again on Apple's Charts

Prices have been soaring since their July 30 earnings report and the announcement of a 4-for-1 stock split later this month.

Inseego Could Rally Further But Wait for It

A key indicator signals that a period of sideways price action is likely to continue for a bit in the stock of the provider of 5G wireless hardware.

Jim Cramer: This Is Where to Put Your Cash as Covid Surges

Instead of scratching your head and saying the market defies logic, look to the Cramer Covid-19 Index.

Let's Reconnect With This 5G Name

Here's how a trade Viavi Solutions at it continues to fly under the radar, but now looks poised to pick up.

Watch These 10 Stocks as Asian Tech Stands to Take $25 Billion Huawei Hit

These suppliers to and rivals of Huawei Technologies could see their revenue dinged due to the U.S. sanctions against the Chinese telecom supplier.

Skyworks Solutions Could Push Skyward Based on Its Charts

The technical signals of the semiconductor maker are bullish and hint that the stock could rise significantly from current levels.

I'm Not Selling My Verizon, at Least Not Just Yet

I have no problem allowing VZ to take up space on my book even if it just sits there.

Crown Castle's Uptrend Should Continue: How to Play It

Technical analysis and trading strategy on the cell tower operator.

Qualcomm Is Poised to Rise Higher

Aggressive traders could go long QCOM at current levels as after consolidation the tech company should move up.

Snap Has Hammered Out an Impressive Base Pattern

Here's what we see ahead for this heavily traded stock.