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We're Taking a Fresh Look at AT&T's Charts

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T-Mobile Could Start to Ring Off the Hook Soon

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Let's Zoom In on Zoom Video's Charts a Week After Earnings

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AT&T Should Dial It Up

Here's my target for AT&T, as the charts line up.

Don't Feel Too at Home in CASA, Despite Verizon Deal

Casa Systems gapped higher after word hit that Verizon was investing about $40 million in the company's common stock. But the technical picture gives some caution.

Don't Call Me an Apple Bear, But You Might Not Like What I Have to Say

How you handle this is up to you.

AT&T, Warner Bros. Discovery Deal Leaves Plot Twists for Investors

How should investors view the new WBD and T now as the suspense of debt, combined entertainment powerhouses, legacy telecoms and competition take center stage?

AT&T Isn't Calling My Name, But I Have a Trade Idea

Does the yield stand for long? AT&T reports next week.

Will Qualcomm Continue to Disappoint Traders?

Let's check out the charts again.

Qualcomm's Bounce Is Over

Let's review the charts and indicators.