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Capital Markets Chaos at Hand as Trump Strikes at U.S.-Listed Chinese Firms

The president takes aim at 31 companies that the Defense Department says have ties to the Chinese military.

A Bull Trap Pattern Marks a High on T-Mobile

Avoid the long side of TMUS for now.

Qualcomm and Broadcom Stock Have Nearby Support

Jim Cramer has identified a 5G wireless bull market.

Look for AT&T to Decline Further Despite an Attractive Yield

Avoid the long side for now.

Checking in on Apple, Our Bellwether Stock

Is the correction over or are we poised for another leg lower?

Qualcomm Needs a New Strategy as Our Indicators Shift

I would be remiss if I ignored these signals.

The Technical Picture Is Changing for Zoom

A month after our last update on Zoom Communications, we're checking the charts and indicators again for a new strategy.

Parsing the Breakdown of FAANG

The recent market leaders appear to be running out of steam, while stalwart stocks are grinding higher, with Verizon notable among them.

Make a 5G Call With Verizon

VZ seems like it is trying to break out.

What's Next for Pandemic Necessity Zoom Video?

Let's check out a few charts on mute and see what strategy seems best.