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Okta Could Pull Back Before Rallying to New Highs

Aggressive traders might consider buying a dip on tech firm Okta's stock.

Apple Stock Dealt a Double Whammy After SCOTUS Upholds App Antitrust Suit

Apple's antitrust defense is moot after a narrow court decision on Monday morning.

Apple Continues to Take a Dive as Trade Tensions Intensify

Apple is feeling the brunt of trade anxiety on Monday morning.

Tesla Short Interest Surges as Skepticism Abounds on Loan Deal

Tesla short sellers are renewing their revolt against Tesla after a recent capital raise initially sent the stock rallying.

Cisco Systems Could Be in Store for a Deeper Pullback

A meaningful correction is kind of expected, after the stock's run.

The Race to Full Self-Driving Is the Real Finish Line for Uber

Uber's IPO move could be a blip on the road to autonomous driving.

T-Mobile Looks Like It Can Move Higher From Here

Let's check out the charts of TMUS this morning.

Do the Latest Trade Tensions Put Nvidia's Mellanox Acquisition at Risk?

Nvidia's biggest acquisition is in the hands of Chinese regulators at an inopportune time.

Nvidia's Gaming Segment Is Greatest Risk if Trade Tensions Escalate

Gaming becomes a glaring problem for Nvidia if China's gamers can't pick up new GPUs.

Chart of the Day: China Exposure in Semiconductors Tells the Tale

How big is the trouble for semis in China?