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Micron's Unexpected Move Higher Boosts Semiconductor Sentiment

Micron is motivating more positive outlook on the semiconductor sector's road ahead.

Foxconn's Future Shows How Taiwan Gains from China's Pain

The world's largest contract manufacturer said goodbye on Friday to founder Terry Gou, who is running for Taiwan's president; its plans pave the way for Taiwan's economic and political future.

Can Oracle Retake Lost Market Share -- Or Is It In the Clouds?

Oracle tells investors it can regain the crown it once held among enterprises and end-users, but some aren't so sure.

Oracle Still Towers Above

Tech giant's earnings prove it's a reigning power in the cloud, but now may not be the time to chase the stock.

Wall Street Is Still Waiting on the Oracle Debate to Settle

Is the bad news for Oracle all over?

Oracle's Charts Could Switch From Bearish to Bullish With Strong Close Thursday

The bearish alignment of indicators makes Thursday price strength a bit surprising.

Will Adobe Break Out to New Highs or See Profit-Taking?

What the latest charts and indicators are telling us after Wednesday night's earnings.

Long the Apple of My Eye

Going long on the tech giant is more about health care and credit card offerings than the iPhone.

Broadcom Could Rebound Some From Morning's Low

Broadcom could rebound today from its morning low, but some of the gap will likely remain.

Tesla Is Likely Looking to Take on Battery Problem Itself

Tesla's tight battery supply could be accelerating the need for a new solution.