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Palo Alto Networks Could Slump Further Amid a Fearful Market

Shares of the provider of security platforms have bumped up against resistance a few times and the current market turmoil may impede them again.

Playing the Bounce in Apple

It's an inexpensive option even if it's only a dead cat.

Apple Rebounds, and The Roadrunner Market Wins Again

The news doesn't necessarily matter when markets are in a roaring bull trend.

Nvidia Could Soar to New Heights Based on Its Bullish Charts

The technical signs for the chipmaker point to continued big gains for its shares.

Nvidia Blew the Doors Off Expectations

Until we close under $255, bulls are still very much in charge, and the trend points much higher.

Where Nvidia Is Performing Well They Are Simply 'Crushing' It

The firm's forward guidance is both positive and thoughtful.

The Charts of Diebold Nixdorf Look Vulnerable to Further Declines

Avoid the long side of DBD.

Agilent Technologies Passes This Acid Test

A appears set to trade higher in the coming weeks, according to the charts and indicators.

Cisco Systems Shows a Base Pattern Ahead of Earnings

Stock looks like it has rebased and is set to try the upside again.

It's Safe to Say This Deep-Value Portfolio Isn't Off to a Flying Start

Only three of the 12 names in the 2020 Double Net Value Portfolio are in positive territory since inception, with several down by double-digit percentages.