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Semiconductor Industry Set to Embark on Expensive Bifurcation

Chipmakers need to diversify their production bases, which for better or worse will impact Taiwan, current center of the chip fabrication sector.

Shares of Intel Shake Off a Double Downgrade for Now

Let's review the charts and indicators.

RingCentral Looks Like a Bad Call Right Now

As this name is set to report earnings, the charts look bearish.

Hong Kong Stocks Continue 'Treacherous Bottoming' With Another Advance

The notion that China will ease its zero-Covid policy spurs stocks higher even though there's no indication from the government of a pending change.

Despite Negative News and Inflation Uncertainty, the Market Mood Is Positive

The elections and the CPI report are going to be the big market movers this week.

The Bull Side Is Not the Right Side Right Now, Especially in Tech Stocks

It will be difficult for most investors to entertain the possibility of a market bottom until tech stocks find a bottom.

If You've Got a Taste for MANA (AKA the Former FANG), Here's Where to Buy

The stocks that for years were the market darlings have suffered through a rough year.

Angst Over Amazon Could Give Way to a Bit of FOMO Among Traders

There are a couple technical reasons to think that a short-term dip in stocks produced by Amazon's disappointing results could attract buyers.

Is the Breakdown in Big-Cap Tech the Last Stage of the Bear Market?

It's hard to know, though it is encouraging that the major indexes are holding up fairly well even as the technology leaders are blowing up.

Microsoft Is Not Trying for a Soft Landing

A better buying opportunity lies ahead.