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Interactive Brokers Increases Tesla Margin Requirement as Stock Sinks

The change is meant to protect against volatility 'in light of the current trading environment'.

Kass: 3 Spots of Vulnerability I Would Avoid in This Market

I suggest avoiding all three over the next few months and over the remainder of the year.

Play Defense, Palo Alto Networks Has Further to Fall

PANW's decline does not appear to be over.

SolarCity Isn't Helping Tesla's Energy Ambitions

SolarCity could weigh on TSLA for some time.

Are Tariffs Holding Back the Potential for Best Buy?

After a solid earnings report, Best Buy remains a good stock to own, but not to accumulate.

Wall Street Cuts Targets as Tesla Stock's Bear Case Builds

Sixteen analysts have cut price targets in the past month, with a smattering of analysts downgrading the stock as well.

If Support Breaks, Intel Looks Vulnerable to Further Declines in the Weeks Ahead

Let's check the charts and indicators for this member of the Dow Industrials.

Apple Buying Tesla for $240 a Share? I Don't Think So

The headlines I keep seeing talk about if Tesla becomes 'cheap enough' it might get bought.

Chart of the Day: Sizing Up the Huawei Hit to Semiconductor Stocks

Not all semiconductor stocks are poised to experience the same headwind from Huawei.

Huawei Ban Might Offer Opportunity to Non-U.S. Semiconductor Companies

Given the sidestepping of trade restrictions for the European chipmakers, they could be poised to fill the void left by larger U.S. competitors that have long been dominant in the region.