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Bellwether Apple Could Soon Help Us Identify a Market Low

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Cisco Systems Could Weaken Further as Bottoming Action Is Absent

Let's review the charts and indicators of this tech giant to see where prices may be attractive.

Here's a Fast(ly) Trade

FSLY makes a great long-term hold, but there's opportunity for traders, too: Here's how to play it.

Jim Cramer: Futures Be Damned, Pay Attention to the Fundamentals

Marvell Technology, Splunk and Zoom Video Communications all have good stories to tell, their post-earnings stock gyrations notwithstanding.

Jim Cramer: Here Are 10 Stocks for a Stay-at-Home Pandemic

These companies should continue to work, while we wait for a cure or a vaccine or the darned virus to run its course.

Salesforce Could Get Punished With Spillover Weakness

Don't let a winner turn into a loser.

Will Apple Prove a Leader? Wait and See

Watch whether AAPL declines less than the S&P 500 and if we can spot a bullish candle pattern.

Will HP Be Overwhelmed by Broader Market Weakness?

HPQ looks constructive into earnings but could weaken with the broader market decline.

Palo Alto Networks Could Slump Further Amid a Fearful Market

Shares of the provider of security platforms have bumped up against resistance a few times and the current market turmoil may impede them again.

Playing the Bounce in Apple

It's an inexpensive option even if it's only a dead cat.