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Western Digital Could Rally to the Underside of the 200-Day Line

The charts of the maker of data storage devices are starting to send a few positive signals.

Apple's Charts Suggest a Retest of the March Low as the Next Move

Hopefully in the weeks ahead AAPL can go back to rewarding buy and hold investors.

How to Trade Palo Alto Networks Right Now

A technical strategy for the cyberscecurity giant.

Jim Cramer: Microsoft Has Been the Biggest Beneficiary of the Moment

Now the one thing you need to worry about with MSFT, as you have to do with all of the techies, is the GDP.

Here's How I'm Playing Microsoft

CEO Satya Nadella has been ahead of the curve focusing on the cloud.

I'm Wired Up for a Nvidia Play

I'm currently in a bearish butterfly against resistance on NVDA.

Wait for Marvell Technology to Close Above $26 Before Going Long

MRVL has made a low with the broad market but I would not rule out a partial pullback to retest that low.

Microsoft Shows Rally Potential, Go Long on a Shallow Near-Term Dip

MSFT might dip briefly below $150 and that is probably a dip to buy.

Jim Cramer: What Can't Covid-19 Stop? The Cloud

It's a paradigm shift that all started with Zoom and Cisco's Webex.

Western Digital Could Hit Double Current Levels in the Second Half of 2020

The technical signals for the maker of data storage equipment indicate the rebound in its stock is likely far from over.