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T-Mobile Looks Like It Can Move Higher From Here

Let's check out the charts of TMUS this morning.

Do the Latest Trade Tensions Put Nvidia's Mellanox Acquisition at Risk?

Nvidia's biggest acquisition is in the hands of Chinese regulators at an inopportune time.

Nvidia's Gaming Segment Is Greatest Risk if Trade Tensions Escalate

Gaming becomes a glaring problem for Nvidia if China's gamers can't pick up new GPUs.

Chart of the Day: China Exposure in Semiconductors Tells the Tale

How big is the trouble for semis in China?

Nvidia Slips as Semiconductor Sector Is Stung by Trump's Tariff Tweets

Chip stocks in general reflect concern about the repercussions of the president's latest threats to impose higher and expanded tariffs on Chinese goods.

Qualcomm Stock Higher as 5G Future Overshadows Gloomy Guidance

The Apple settlement and technology shifts are the real story for Qualcomm investors.

There's No Rush to Buy, but No Urgency to Sell, Either

Strong markets don't suddenly collapse and go straight down; if there really is a turning point developing, it will take time to do so.

Analysts Still Optimistic About Apple's Upside Amid 2019 Stock Surge

Apple's stock could still accelerate from its already elevated level, analysts advise.

Apple Stock Slides Ahead of Earnings, Tempering 2019 Tear

Some of the wind is going out of the sales of Apple stock ahead of the tech giant's latest earnings report, due out after the market closes.

Is Elon Musk Mortgaging Tesla Shares Against a Potential Margin Call?

Short-sellers are pointing to a big risk for Tesla investors and an opportunity for traders.