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Apple Investors Need to Look Beyond the Numbers Tonight

We want to check on the charts and technical indicators ahead of the big earnings release.

Jim Cramer: Wait to Buy Nvidia, It Could Still Go Lower

To get a real bargain when a company does a pre-announcement, wait until that stock to take out its lows before buying. Otherwise, pass on that name.

I'm Particularly Attracted to the Breakout in Micron

MU has been left for dead by analysts since late summer.

Intel Bursts Semiconductor Sector Optimism as Forecast Falls Flat

Intel fell post-market after a seriously slow first quarter forecast.

Secular Shifts in Tech Underline Long-Term Sights of Semiconductor Stocks

The one-day pops that could be fleeting might only be an appetizer to the entrée that is the nascent fourth industrial revolution that semiconductors will need to underwrite.

Intel Marches Toward Earnings Amidst Macro, Management Questions

Against an already uncertain backdrop, Intel emerges with unique issues.

Intel Rises Amid Positive Vibes From Chip Peers

Shares of the giant chipmaker are up on indications that a bottom may be building in the semiconductor sector.

Intel Is Poised to Rally From a 6-Month Base Pattern - Go Long Here and Higher

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

What Fools We All Have Become, and Buying Lam Research: Market Recon

Replacing fear with pragmatism, that is our goal.

IBM Stock Jumps After 'Cleanest Quarter in Years'

The quarter was certainly one to remember, according to analysts.