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Apple: Should You Pick Up Some Stock and the iPhone 11?

It doesn't pay to fight the trend in AAPL shares.

Pseudo QE, Essent Group's Essence and Datadog-Cisco Intrique: Market Recon

Plus, defense contractors remain stocks to own as geopolitical risk isn't going away.

Cisco's Reported Buyout Offer for Datadog Drives Home Its Software Ambitions

The networking giant was reportedly willing to pay much more than $7 billion for infrastructure and app monitoring software firm Datadog, which delivered a strong IPO on Thursday.

Microsoft Could Climb to New Highs Soon

The software giant's shares do not look extended and the price action appears balanced.

Adobe Systems Makes the 'Rule of 40' Cut, but Its Charts Are Another Story

The charts and indicators of ADBE are tilted to the downside.

China's 'Big Four' Internet Cos. Suffer Ad-Sales Slowdown

Rapid growth in online advertising is slowing -- by Chinese standards -- creating potential headaches for Weibo and Tencent.

Sage Advice: Tighten Stops for Oracle

Following company news, a sell stop just below $51 looks like a good idea right now.

Splunk Is No Slam Dunk for Investors

Even though prices have improved a little in recent days, risk still exists for a deeper decline for SPLK.

Apple's New Pricing Strategy Drives a Breakout in the Stock

By dropping the iPhone price and coming in low on Apple TV+ and Arcade pricing, the firm is aiming to steal market share from competitors.

Jim Cramer: If FAANG and Co. Were Running, They Would Win Big Time

While politicians, media and government agencies take aim at tech giants, understand that these are the ones helping keep our nation strong and innovative -- and have the love of the people.