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Baidu Stock Continues Bull Run as Trade Optimism, Strong Earnings Spark Surge

The Chinese tech giant is charging hard to close August, adding hope for bulls betting on an inflection point.

Nvidia Surges on Better-Than-Feared Earnings, Stemming Slide in Semiconductors

Nvidia's second-quarter profits were well below its year-ago earnings but were nicely ahead of analyst expectations.

Cisco's Signal to Investors: Stay Defensive

CSCO appears a bearish drag on the Dow Jones industrial average, so proceed with caution.

A Fresh Look at Apple as Rapid Price Moves are Becoming Routine

Let's check out the charts and indicators of AAPL.

NetApp's Warning Is In Stark Contrast to the Strong Growth Seen by Cloud Giants

As NetApp tumbled and sparked a broader selloff in enterprise hardware stocks, AWS and other cloud giants are still reporting strong growth.

Nutanix Is Likely to Decline Further Before Attempting to Bottom

NTNX has been in a downtrend the past twelve months with the stock losing two-thirds of its value.

For Apple, Diversification Is a Strength

Apple is on the verge of offering new products that could diversify its revenue stream even further.

Qualcomm Slides on Light Guidance, Impact of Huawei Ban

The market has qualms about Qualcomm's ability to carry shares higher.

Risk Below $54 If You Are Long Cisco Systems

Let's check to see if the charts say 'bye' instead of 'buy'.

Still Processing AMD Earnings? Analysts Advise Keeping the Faith

Blaming China woes for the slip, some advise growth ahead for Advanced Micro Devices.