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Avoid the Long Side of Cisco Until It Can Get Back Above $50

Let's check the latest charts and indicators of this network technology company to see what they suggest for the weeks ahead.

RingCentral's Deal Gives Its Charts a Bullish Chime

Here's how we would trade RNG shares following the Avaya news.

HP Announces a Restructuring, but What Do the Charts Say?

Where's HPQ headed? We have some clues.

Under-the-Radar Jabil Is Showing a Major Long-Term Upside Breakout

Jabil might be boring, but it's a classic American company that is thriving.

Qualcomm Needs to Break Out Soon If There's a Triangle Pattern

Let's check on the charts and indicators to get some trading parameters.

Cloud Data Center Construction Boom Is Good News for Chip and Hardware Suppliers

As cloud giants digest some of their past investments in hardware and chips, they're still investing heavily in growing their data center capacity. That's ultimately a positive for data center REITs and chip suppliers with cloud exposure.

Micron Stock May Trade in a Range for Several Weeks Due to Mixed Indicators

Trading volume has been shrinking from late June, and this is not the picture technical analysts like to see.

Apple: Should You Pick Up Some Stock and the iPhone 11?

It doesn't pay to fight the trend in AAPL shares.

Pseudo QE, Essent Group's Essence and Datadog-Cisco Intrique: Market Recon

Plus, defense contractors remain stocks to own as geopolitical risk isn't going away.

Cisco's Reported Buyout Offer for Datadog Drives Home Its Software Ambitions

The networking giant was reportedly willing to pay much more than $7 billion for infrastructure and app monitoring software firm Datadog, which delivered a strong IPO on Thursday.