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Why I'm Losing My Appetite for McDonald's

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Progress Software's Charts Aren't Making Progress in Advance of Earnings

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Wynn Resorts Could Be Worth a Gamble on Some Follow-Through Buying

The shares were improving even before recent news out of China about the resumption of group tours, which should help its Macau casino.

The Dollar Doesn't Matter to Most Traders Until It Does… and It Matters Now

That's why I have my eyes on a bullish dollar ETF in hopes of spotting a bearish reversal.

We're in That Frustrating Spot in the Market

Getting oversold is never easy -- here's why and what I see ahead with that bounce I've been talking about.

Currency Check: The Chinese Yuan Flirts With a New Low

Let's look at the movement in the yuan.

Market Data Are at Multiple Bullish Levels

Our latest look at the stock market's charts and numbers.