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Technical Analysis

Tesla's Chart Looks Like It Got T-Boned

If the stock follows through to the downside the selling could be aggressive.

Can Five Below Continue to Rise?

FIVE has not finished its rally, but caution is warranted -- set sell stops at its year-to-date low.

Charts Say Stocks Will Be Overbought Late This Week

Overbought/Oversold Oscillators are heading upward.

This Chip Stock Is Ready to Reverse Direction

Resistance has now been violated by a notable margin.

Taiwan Semiconductor Stock Has Some Catching Up to Do

Chip stocks have been among the best performers this year, but Taiwan Semi has been lagging some of the top names.

No Clowning Around: This Etsy Trade Is Dressed for Success

Shares of the 'P.T. Barnum of Retail' are set to test recent highs.

Among the Semis, Taiwan Semiconductor Is Wednesday's Laggard

A published report said that TSM has seen orders for 7nm chips ramp higher.

3 Promising Small Biotech Stocks to Watch

I think there is still upside left in a variety of smaller names especially if M&A activity picks up across the industry.

U.S./China Trade Deal Progress, GameStop's Awful Quarter: Market Recon

Anything that puts either side (U.S., China) at a tactical disadvantage in the air, on land or sea, or even in space... will be walked away from.