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Oversold and How We Got Here

Intermediate-term indicators fail to show we're oversold, but it takes time to cycle through -- and it's on the way.

Xilinx Stock Could Sink Lower: Watch for a Temporary Oversold Bounce

This chip stock plunged plunged 7.7% Thursday.

3M Is Stuck in the Bears' Grasp

MMM could be headed still lower in the months ahead.

PepsiCo Still Looks Bullish - A Higher Price Target Seen

How do the charts look with their latest advance?

Is Deere & Co Stock Cheap? Hard to Say

One thing going for Deere is honesty. CEO Samuel Allen spoke on Friday morning...read what he said.

Has the Beauty Worn Off of Ulta Beauty?

ULTA's charts could get smeared.

Charts Improve, but Not Enough to Tip the Scales

Only one major stock index remains in a negative trend. Guess which one.

Zendesk: 3 Charts, 3 Bullish Clues

Zendesk could push still higher in the weeks ahead.

Markets, Immigration, Trading Splunk: Market Recon

You all know that I love the software/cloud type names.