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Technical Analysis

Has a Key Market Propellant Now Been Spent?

Data suggest a period of pause and consolidation..

As Waste Management Looks to Break Out, Don't Toss Away a Trading Opportunity

You have to love the increased guidance, and the business appears to be in a very good place.

Cloudflare: Keep Your Feet on the Ground or Chase the Breakout?

How far can NET's surge carry?

Twilio Trips Over Its Outlook: Can It Regain Its Balance?

Let's check out the charts for its next move.

Oil Is Out, Tech Is In, but You Knew That Already, Right?

As energy is drained, someone told me this week how tech is now the long trade. Where have I heard that before? Also, let's look at the risks of the tech comeback.

Paramount Global's Charts Look Bearish to Me

A pair of nameless traders have been beating each other with statistics about PARA on FinTV. One's bullish, the other bearish.

Put e.l.f. on the Shelf as the Stock Surges to a 52-Week High

Here's why investors should consider taking profits now.

The Next Phase of the 2022 Bear Market Could Start Soon

Hopefully you listened to my 'market calls' in December and May. Here's my next forecast.

Here's Why Apple Has Me Nervous About the Stock Market

You may recall what I recently wrote about Costco.

Lilly Disappoints All Around But Here's When I Would Invest

This stock is in a technical state of weakness and add that to the eroding fundamentals.