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Technical Analysis

Virtu Financial Looks Vulnerable to Further Declines

Here's why I would avoid the long side of VIRT right now.

Walmart Is Really Knocking the Cover Off of the Ball

I like WMT, and following an earnings related trade, I'll repurchase if the shares sink back into the low $120's.

Closely Watch the Charts of RingCentral This Week

I'm not real bearish on RNG but its rally has discounted a lot of good news.

Can Denny's Rebase in the Months Ahead?

DENN may have seen the worst but that does not make it a buy.

Is Apple Going to $400? Let's Chew on That

The technical signs of the iPhone maker would indicate that new highs are the path of least resistance for its shares.

Avaya Could Rally Through Overhead Chart Resistance

Analysis and trading strategy on the digital communications company.

'Risk-On' Market, Volatility and Valuation, Trading Thoughts

Watching Moderna, Microsoft and FedEx as risk continues to be a central market theme, despite Monday's rally.

One Big Step for the Indexes; One Small Step for the Indicators

The rally is just another high in the roller coaster ride. Feeling the butterflies?

Medtronic Stock Is in 'No Man's Land'

The medical device company is scheduled to report earnings this week.

International Game Could Produce Strong Returns as the Economy Reopens

IGT is a smaller name with high volatility, so a call spread is still my preferred approach to limit time decay on option premiums.