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Technical Analysis

Coca-Cola Offers Pre-Earnings Hints That It's Ready to Pop

Evidence of the stock's uptrend is presented by Coca-Cola's 50- and 200-day moving averages, which are both pointing higher.

JPMorgan Is Seeing Profit-Taking Tuesday Following Its Q2 Earnings Numbers

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

Markets' Health, Facebook Libra Hearings, Trading Match Group: Market Recon

For those trading the FANG or FAANG names, and especially Facebook, Tuesday sets up as a day bearing exceptional levels of headline risk.

Walgreens Takes a Turn for the Better

We suspect the new short-term uptrend has some degree of validity

VMware Followers Could Find Its Shares Become Cheaper in the Weeks Ahead

Traders and investors were disappointed recently when the IT company did not raise guidance and that weakness does not look like it has run its course.

Overbought and Running Lower on Steam

We are overbought and sentiment is still elevated, so volatility should tick up in the coming week.

Microsoft May Keep Shining, but Tread Carefully with New Positions

MSFT could continue to impress on the upside, but a break of the late June lows will weaken the chart.

I'm Going Back for a Refill on Luckin Coffee

Everything other than price points to a move higher.

Is Twitter Finally Ready to Make a Move to the Upside? Check Before Retweeting

Let's check out the latest charts and indicators.

Netflix Stock Will Eventually Break Out: Price Points to Watch

Traders should be ready for a breakout or breakdown in the near-term.