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Technical Analysis

This Is How the Market Works Out

Yes, this exercise in pulling back is boring, but it's how we work off the overbought reading and complacency.

Home Depot to Investors: We're Going to Be Aggressive

I'm long HD. Despite today's drop, I do not yet see this as a buying opportunity.

Market's 'Shock Absorbers' Weaken

We have lowered our near-term outlook.

A Case of the Mondays on the Market

Let's break down how the past week played out, and see what's likely ahead.

Try Guessing Market Expectations as NIO Reports Tuesday

I'm looking for a sell-the-news no matter how good, but I don't want to risk a ton of capital here.

Don't Fight the Trend - But Beware of Chasing

Pursuing stocks that are extended may prove regrettable.

Here's How I'm Trading Moderna Right Now

I'm long MRNA and have been since the beginning of the pandemic.

How Momentum Beats Market Timing in Trading

Timing can be a fruitful exercise, but it is more useful as an investment tool, rather than a trading tool.

Pfizer and Nike: 2 Key Setups to Watch This Week

Here's when I'd be a buyer of these stocks.

Marketplace Uncertainties, Problematic Covid, Retailers' Earnings, Week Ahead

The only expectation that I have for now is a near certainty in increased volatility caused by several factors.