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Technical Analysis

I Wouldn't Be Piling Into the Major Index ETFs at This Juncture

It may not be the time to sell them just yet, either, but the risks of staying aggressively long make this trader increasingly uncomfortable.

Ascendis Pharma Presents a Mixed Technical Picture Ahead of Earnings

The biopharmaceutical company could offer a buying opportunity on a pullback based on its chart.

Can Rhythm Pharmaceuticals Keep Up This Tempo?

The stock has surged amid an analyst upgrade.

What AIG's Charts Say About the Stock Ahead of Earnings

The stock just tested the underside of the declining 50-day moving average.

Solar Firm Sunrun Continues to Run on the Upside

Here's what the longer-term picture looks like.

Tyson Foods: Should Investors Fly the Coop After Earnings?

The shares gapped lower as the chicken supplier reported quarterly numbers. Let's check the charts.

CRISPR Therapeutics' Base Can Support Further Price Gains

Let's look at the charts and indicators.

On the Road to Recovery

While a near-term pause may be in the cards, improvements in trend and breadth are encouraging.

Palantir May Have Its Problems, But Here's a Reason to Like It Longer-Term

We know the federal government will be a buyer, as will the private sector, but there are challenges in this environment.

Carvana Has a Chance to Show More Improvement

We could see some further price recovery in the short-run.