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Considering Initiating a Position in Dell Now? Go Small

Like the S&P 500, Dell has also smashed through a significant resistance level.

Heard About the Rally in Palladium Prices? Here's One Way to Play It

If you have what it takes to deal with the esoteric world of precious metals, palladium, used in everything from jewelry to catalytic converters, may be worth a closer look.

Total System Services Could Work Higher in the Weeks Ahead

Let's take a look at the charts.

Tilray Has Rebased and Looks Poised to Rally Again - Consider Buying Strength

Let's check out the charts and indicators for this so-called pot play.

Free Markets, the Scourge of Socialism, Tencent Music Earnings: Market Recon

You may recall that TME, the Chinese Music streaming business that IPO'd last December, while not a trade related play, certainly would be a Chinese growth play.

Biogen Could Go Either Way - Mixed Indicators and Charts

Let's check to see what can be gleaned.

Ulta Beauty Could Be Vulnerable to a Pullback or Decline

A look at the stock charts on upscale beauty store sensation Ulta should give investors reason for pause.

2 Hemp Stocks for Investors Looking for Something Different

You may want to check out GW Pharmaceuticals and Elixinol Global Limited.

When the VIX Is Low, It's Time to Go

As the stock indices embark on a breakout move in price, the VIX is showing massive complacency.

The 'New' Marriott?

Instead of taking an equity stake in MAR now, I have an idea.