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Technical Analysis

Clues for When the Speculative Party in Commodities and Stocks May End

Fundamentals are failing us; it is all about the greenback, "green" bets and easy-money policies.

The Market's Fling With Mega-Cap Tech Is So On-Again, Off-Again

Has the shift from loving tech stocks to hating them come full circle?

There's a Green Day Coming in Apple

These calls are going to end up in the money.

QuantumScape May Pressure Longs in the Weeks Ahead

Time to review the charts and indicators.

Updating Qualcomm's Break to the Downside

How do the charts look now?

Luminar Technologies Is Likely to Give Back All of its Gains

Let's look at the charts and indicators.

Here's the Boeing Trade I Made Today

I love this chart and I'm woefully underexposed in this area.

CrowdStrike Traders Should Take the Money and Run

CRWD has turned to the downside.

A Market Bounce Has the Potential to Fail

Insiders are increasing selling activity.

Look for the Rally in Charles River Labs to Continue

Here's how traders can play shares of the contract research company.