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Technical Analysis

Don't Get Burned on First Solar's Rocket Ship Higher

The stock may be getting to close too the sun.

The Magic Is Back at Disney: Here's Where I'd Buy

The stock will give buyers a chance once the algos stop forcing markets higher in response to all of the July data on inflation.

As Charts Improve, Market Data Turn Cautionary

After assessing the charts and indicators, here's how we see things going forward.

Taking Yet Another Look at the U.S. Dollar Index

Is the time right for a downward move?

Checking Out Stylish Poshmark Ahead of Earnings

Let's see what the charts and indicators look like.

A Post-Split Shopify Merits a Fresh Technical Look

It appears the shares of the commerce platform provider should be able to sustain some upside, though a close trailing stop would be in order.

Hey, Traders, Here's How I'm Approaching QQQ, The Trade Desk and Roblox

It seems to be time to err on the side of caution when dealing with the Invesco QQQ Trust.

An Unconfirmed Bull Sighting Was Reported on Nasdaq

Here's why you should keep buckled up and focused on the indicators, despite reports in popular financial media.

The Trade Desk Gaps Higher But What Does That Do to the Charts?

Here's what traders who are long from our previous recommendation should consider.