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Technical Analysis

What Energy Trade?

Let's talk about the trade no one wanted to talk about. Also, let's check bonds, utilities and those darn indicators.

Microsoft: Will Strength or Weakness Win Out?

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Trading Coinbase Is More Than Just a Flip of the Coin

The stock rallied early Monday, but those gains are fading.

Methanex Is Having Trouble Lighting Up

Here's how aggressive traders could play this methanol maker, and why everyone else might want to keep on the sidelines for now.

Clorox: The Difference Between Fundamentals and Technicals

Is this a good time to buy the stock? Lets check the charts.

September's Over, But That Doesn't Mean We've Turned the Corner

All equity index trends remain bearish.

If You're Thinking of Trading IonQ, Read This First

Let's see what the charts suggest now.

Is Nvidia Ready to Rally or Not?

The chip maker gets a lift from Goldman Sachs' conviction buy list.

I'm Watching the Relationship Between Semis and Energy -- And You Should Too

It's possible these are just blips, but along with the dollar, bonds, oil itself and the Transports, this is where my focus is.

Accenture Is Looking Vulnerable to a Correction: How to Play It Now

Shares of the consulting company have turned lower from early September.