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Technical Analysis

A Tale of Two Markets

Individual stock charts show that in this rally, one set of stocks -- the haves -- is moving up big-time, while another set -- the have-nots -- is barely budging.

Bristol-Myers Squibb: A Long Idea for Aggressive Traders Only

BMY is not 'out of the woods' yet, but aggressive traders could probe the long side here.

The Charts Say Going Once, Twice, Sold - Sotheby's

Let's put down our auction paddles and check the charts and indicators.

Cisco Systems: Why I Would Still Tread Carefully With This Stock

Let's analyze what the charts look like today.

Here's How I'm Trading Walmart

Perhaps the most impressive line-item that I notice here is the growth in e-commerce sales.

Lam Research's Impressive Rally This Year Is Likely to Continue

A review of the latest LRCX charts.

What's Next for Tesla as Major Investors Dump Shares?

The massive plunge in TSLA shares of late indicates that Wall Street has lost faith in its ability to execute on disruptive technologies.

Trade Roku From the Long Side - Targets $92 and $100

Let's take a look at the charts and indicators.

3 Consumer Staples Stocks for a Volatile Market

It might not be a bad idea to move toward some conservative names such as PG, MDLZ and PEP.

Walmart Trades Higher After Earnings: Is a Breakout Coming?

We could see an important breakout for WMT shares Thursday or Friday.