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Technical Analysis

Infinera Looks to Have Formed a 'Bullish Reversal Pattern'

The price of INFN is spiking again today in response to positive quarterly earnings from the communications equipment maker.

Bullish Charts and a Quant 'Buy' Recommendation on Newmont Mining

Imagine how strong the charts might look if the U.S. dollar turned lower.

Shake Shack Is Having Trouble With the Front of the House

Let's place our order and then look at the charts and indicators.

Universal Display Could Rally to $180 but I Need Volume to Confirm It

Let's check out all our charts and indicators before we rush to judgment.

There Are Still No Sell Signals in This Stock Market

Index charts are showing uptrends and positive breadth.

Zillow Could Rally Further From Here but I Don't Want the Risk

Let's pay a visit to our favorite collection of charts and indicators.

Is the Worst Over For McDermott? Maybe.

Let's explore the latest charts and indicators.

Hertz Could Be in the Driver's Seat For a Rally in the Weeks Ahead

Let's check out the charts and indicators to see if this move higher can be sustained.

Kraft Heinz Could Sink to Around $25 in the Months Ahead - Charts

The media will be seeking comments from Warren Buffett but I like to keep it simple and look at the charts and indicators.

A Possible Saucer Bottom Pattern in the Chart of Gold Bullion

I think you should consider that gold prices and mining companies could be considerably higher later in 2019 and 2020.