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Technical Analysis

Currencies Will Eventually Matter for Crude Oil and Other Commodities

If the currency markets come back to life it will put oil back on the trading screens of speculators.

Put These 2 Stocks on Your Radar for the Week Ahead

While both have 'Technologies' in their name, they don't share the same space.

My Trade Idea for Oracle

ORCL is competing for the business to business cloud, obviously a tough space.

When You're Wrong, You're Wrong

We are upgrading our near-term market outlook.

Costco's Numbers Weren't as Strong as They Looked

The technical picture may be the most troublesome aspect surrounding COST.

Trade Deal Winners, Trading Costco, Adobe on Fire: Market Recon

Should this agreement come off the way it reads overnight, the warmer relationship between the U.S. and China should increase demand on both sides of the Pacific, resulting in an improved environment for growth.

Bilibili Is Triggering a Breakout Today

A key component to their long-term success is esports, especially in China.

Stocks With This Characteristic Are Very Rare - But We Found One

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals has 'lost its gravity.'

Costco Reports Earnings Tonight, Here's How I'm Playing It

There are a few traditional retailers left that appear to have figured it all out. None are true department stores. I think one has to include COST.

Here's Your Window Into Home Depot

This hardware store chain has been in decline, but still has room to build up.