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Chop, Pullback Likely, But No Recipe Yet for Big Decline

Short-term chop or pullback appear likely, but there's an indicator worth fretting over: The 50- and 200-day moving average lines of the Russell 2000 are rolling over.

2 Well-Known Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These bearish bets are showing both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Geek Out With This Funko Options Trade

FNKO's tightly coiled weekly chart is poised to pop.

Don't Jump Into Charles River Labs Just Yet

CRL could weaken further in upcoming weeks for a better buying opportunity.

Ball Corp.'s Tenfold Rise Is a Good Reason to Catch Some Profits

The stock of the metal packaging manufacturer has bounced back handsomely since its 2008 nadir.

High 'VAP' Levels Remain Barriers to Market Upside

Volume at price levels are serving as important resistance for several indices.

Wait Until Price Is Right for Walmart

With price a bit extended for Walmart, buyers should look for either a small dip or wait for a week or two of sideways price movement.

Broadcom Could Rebound Some From Morning's Low

Broadcom could rebound today from its morning low, but some of the gap will likely remain.

Agnico Eagle Mines Is Ready for an Upside Breakout

The long wait is over.

Danaher Could Dip Near-Term, Providing a Buying Opportunity

DHR shares are up 35% in 2019.