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Technical Analysis

Cedar Fair Stockholders Enjoy Riding the 'Golden Cross'

Shares of the amusement park operator still look bullish. Here's how to trade it.

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Is Flying Higher on the Charts

Before I give my recommendation I want to visit with the charts and indicators.

United Rentals Stock: Buyers Are Looking Several Months Ahead

The 'not as bad as feared' theme played out with URI this week.

For Boeing and Johnson & Johnson: Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Both BA and JNJ appear to have made decisions in which the bottom line took precedent over what they stand for as a company.

Add to Longs on AT&T's Upside Breakout

Let's drill down on the charts and indicators.

Zebra Technologies' Stripes Are Bullish and Ready to Break Out

Shares of the cloud name could break out to the upside at any moment.

Coca-Cola Is a Pretty Solid Name but I Like PepsiCo Better

Do not look at Coke as a value play. This is more a play on global growth, but within the context of a defensive sector.

Wicked Boston Beer Is Set to Rally to New Highs

Let's check out some wicked charts of SAM.

A Troubling Trend for the Nasdaq

While the index approaches its recent all-time highs, there is a concerning trend.

Coca-Cola Charts Show Some Fizz and May Pop After Earnings

The technical signals sent by the beverage giant's charts tell a bullish story.