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Tax Tip: Work In Your Fuzzy Slippers? Consider The Home Office Deduction

If you're fortunate enough to work from home in your fuzzy slippers (wait until you see mine!), consider taking the home office deduction on your tax return this year. Watch our video to see if you qualify!

Tax Reform: Good for the Gig Economy, Bad for High Tax States (Video & Podcast)

While the Tax Reform of 2017 lowered both personal and corporate tax rates, it also took away some great deductions for folks in high tax states and gave gig-economy workers an added bonus. So watch our video and listen to the full podcast to learn how all that will affect you.

60 Seconds: File Your 2017 Tax Return and Get Your Refund Now!

Don't wait until April to think about your 2017 tax return. Especially since the average refund was almost $2,800 last year - so get your money back now!

Trading Strategies: Companies Benefiting From Tax Reform, Even in a Downturn

The experts on our February Trading Strategies roundtable talked about market uncertainty, tech earnings and the Fed's next move. So watch our video to figure out how to trade this month and beyond. Plus, listen in to hear how tax reform truly will affect Corporate America, regardless of market conditions.

Which Is Worse? A Government Shutdown or Hitting the Debt Ceiling

Give us 60 seconds and we'll tell you which is worse. Clearly, they both mean we really have to get our you-know-what together.

Video: Shopping Online with Your Holiday Gift Cards? Beware of This Dirty Secret

Using all those gift cards you got this holiday to catch some post-Christmas sales? Well be careful. Not every deal is as good as it looks! Watch this 60 Second Tip by Tracy Byrnes to find out more about online shopping's dirty little tax secret.

5 Last Minute Charitable Deduction Tips

You have until midnight Dec. 31 to make all your 2017 charitable contributions, so what are you waiting for? Donating not only makes you feel good but it helps get your tax bill down in April. So go get giving!

Countdown Is On! Get That Year-End Tax Planning Done Before the Ball Drops!

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 passed and while most of it pertains to your 2018 tax year, there still are a ton of things you can do now to save some money in April. So watch and get on it!

Video: Jim Cramer on Tax Reform, Bank Stocks, Apple, Finisar and Chipotle

TheStreet's founder and Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer weighs in on Wednesday's trending topics.

Uncle Sam Wants His Piece of Your Bitcoin

Your bitcoin trades are taxable, just like your other stock trades. Sorry. So watch this video and keep good records.