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What Is Consensus?

This is a perfect time to make sure you haven't strayed too far into the mainstream, which has been the wrong trade for well over a year.

Beware of Biden's Misleading Tax Bill

It may be that major changes will need to be made to make this legislation palatable enough for passage. Stay tuned.

7 Stocks Due for a Bounce in 2021

These names in diverse industries have suffered from tax-loss selling and offer 'bounce back' potential in January.

My 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio Takes a Shotgun Approach

The hope is that there are a couple of big winners that will more than offset the losers.

Understanding Why Some Strange Moves May Occur in January

Here's what the calendar change could do, and these few things may impact your strategies along with market volatility.

Tax Tip: Small Businesses Get Big Benefits From the New Tax Laws

There are a bunch of benefits in the new tax rules for small businesses. So give us 60 seconds and learn how you can increase your bottom line!

Who Knew an IRS Tech Glitch Could Get You More Time To Prep Your Tax Return

Your tax return is due at midnight on Wednesday, April 18th now thanks to an IRS tech glitch. So either prep it or extend -- but pay your bill. Watch now!

Tax Tip: Get Money Back on Those Pesky Kids

Darn kids can be a pain in the you-know-what. But don't they still look so cute in those feety pajamas? PLUS -- they can get you some money back come tax time! Watch how now!

Tax Tip: How To Report Your Bitcoin Earnings

If you traded bitcoin or received bitcoin for your services, you need to report all that to Uncle Sam. And yes (sadly), pay tax. Give us 60 seconds and we'll tell what you need to report on your tax return!

Tax Tip: Uncle Sam Will Be Looking for Your Cryptocurrency Trades

Calling all traders! Check your Form 1099-B your broker and make sure its error-free before you prep your tax return. And while your cryptocurrency trades may not be on it, they still need to make their way onto it. Watch!