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Let's Talk Tax-Loss Harvesting, Muni Closed-End Funds and MLPs, Shall We?

It's time to figure out what should stay and what should go from your portfolio as we wrap up 2022 and look ahead to 2023.

The Surge, Tech Plays, Trading Marvell and MongoDB, Debt Ceiling, Taxes, Omicron

Plus, One must ask themselves... Are Russia and China satisfied with making Ukraine and Taiwan uncomfortable? Do they understand the costs?

My 2021 Portfolio of 'Losers' Was a Big Winner, Finishing Up 55%

Stay tuned for my 2022 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio, which I'll roll out in early December.

Kass: A Distillation of My Bearish Market View

Pessimism has taken a blow and has been costly over the last several trading days.

I Continue to Maintain a Cautious Stance on the Overall Market

Over the longer term I think a significant rise in inflation is inevitable and not factored in the market properly.

Earnings Avalanche, FOMC, Growth and Inflation, Biden's Spending Plans

The US Ten Year Note has been on the move, and the US Dollar Index has also been climbing overnight.

A Taxing Idea Is Not Good for the Stock Market

There is no warning to exit the stock market, but be aware the landscape will change.

Stocks Setting Up Nicely as Key Earnings Loom

Although indices were flat for the week, that is exactly what we need for better technical conditions after the dips.

Biden's Tax Policy Sucker Punches Stocks

The market is concerned that these taxes would trigger a rush to lock in gains before possibly higher rates went into effect.

Jim Cramer: If the Capital Gains Taxman Cometh, Be Ready for Anything

Don't fear the taxman, view this one as an opportunity, not a penalty.