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Last-Minute Tax Tips to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Keep IRS Away

With the IRS filing deadline just a heartbeat away, many Americans will be in a rush and make mistakes on their income tax returns. MainStreet provides a few tips to help you avoid common errors.

Don't Forget Your Gambling Losses and Other Tax Tips

Net gambling losses are one of the most overlooked deductions and should not be forgotten in your tax return, says Greg Rosica, tax partner at Ernst & Young.

H&R Block CEO Expects Jolt from Obamacare, More Jobs

Higher employment and the challenges posed by the Affordable Care Act will drive more Americans to their local H&R Block office this year, says the tax preparation company's CEO Bill Cobb.

Can Following Your Passion Boost The Economy?

There are potential boons to a progressive tax structure--namely that more people who are following their passion will result in an economic boost, according to University of Chicago economist E. Glen Weyl.

Ask Jane: How To Claim Your Home Office As a Tax Deduction

The home office -- the ultimate luxury in your professional life. But follow the steps outlined by Jane Bryant Quinn to get the maximum amount of money back on your at-home lair.

Ask Jane: The Bonus Of Your Live-In Boyfriend or Girlfriend

You have taken your relationship to the next level, and as kismet would have it, you might be doubly blessed: all this love in the air could also mean a financial boon. Follow these tips from Jane Bryant Quinn to see whether you can count your cute roommate as a tax deduction this year.

10 Tips to Avoid an Audit

There's no guaranteed way to avoid the nightmare millions of taxpayers fear: an IRS audit. But there are at least 10 ways to reduce the risk.

12 Common Tax Mistakes That Waste Time and Money

We all want to keep taxes short and sweet, but don't rush - or you may be bitter later. You can maximize your refund and minimize the wait by avoiding these errors.

Beware of These 6 Tax Scams

If you don't want to spend five years in prison and pay quarter-million-dollar fines, these are things you should consider not doing.

9 Tips to Pick a Tax Pro - If You Need One

Just because taxes are complicated doesn't mean simple software can't do the job. Here's how to determine if you need a pro, and if you do, how to find the right one.