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Don't Miss Out On These Deductions When Filing Your Taxes

Don't overlook potential deductions this tax season like missing items that carry over from a prior year or net gambling losses, said Greg Rosica, Tax Partner at Ernst & Young.

San Diego Mayor: Infrastructure Top Priority, Immigration Reform Key

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer says his top priority is making sure the city's infrastructure works.

European Union Says Ireland Grants Apple Illegal Tax Benefits

The European Union's competition watchdog said Tuesday Ireland appears to be granting Apple illegal tax rebates that may have to be recovered.

Jim Cramer's Take on Lew's Crackdown of Corporate Tax Inversions

The Treasury Department announced on Monday revisions to the U.S. tax code that would discourage U.S.-based companies from moving their headquarters overseas in an effort to reduce their tax bills.

Burger King Says Relocation to Bring Minimal Tax Benefits Draws Doubts

Burger King is raising some eyebrows by claiming that by becoming a Canada based entity, its tax savings will be minimal.

Intercept and Chiquita Shares Soar Despite Lower Market Open

U.S. stocks opened slightly lower on Tuesday as investor kept their focus on geopolitical concerns in Ukraine, Gaza and Iraq.

Don't Expect Tax Inversion Fever to Break Anytime Soon

The stream of companies undergoing inversions will continue until the U.

Intel Negotiates For New Property Tax Breaks Worth Over $1 Billion

Days after shares surged on upwardly-revised forecasts for the year ahead, Intel is looking for another win.

Uncovering Hidden Divorce Assets Can Be a Tricky Game to Play

Divorce is difficult but it's even harder when a spouse has stashed away some money. Outsmart your ex by reviewing all credit card statements and beware of phony bill collectors.

Tax Expert Reveals Tips to Avoid an IRS Audit and Maximize Your Savings

Meisa Bonelli of Millennial Tax reveals her best tips for navigating tax season, how to deal with IRS debt and audit and tax money management strategies.