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Sam Zell: It Makes No Sense for Apple to Repatriate Overseas Cash Under Current Tax Laws

Billionaire Sam Zell said it makes no sense for a company like Apple to repatriate some of its overseas cash back to the U.S. under the current tax structure.

Classic Cars Under $10,000 to Invest in With Your New Tax Refund Check

Here's a look at 10 classic cars under $10,000.

Why You Should Invest Your Tax Return in a Roth IRA

Is that trip to the beach costing your retirement?

Everyday Items You Wouldn't Guess Are Tax Deductible

This tax season, don't leave money sitting on the table. Check out these write-offs that are too often ignored.

10 Ways to Cash in on Your Favorite Little Deduction Come Tax Time

Yes, your kids cost you a lot. But they can help save you money around tax time.

Here Are Five of the Most Bizarre Tax Deductions

You can deduct for 'exceptional trees' in Hawaii.

Can Uncle Sam Take Away Your Passport?

Outstanding taxes, interest and penalties must add up to $50,000 or more during the last 10 years to qualify for revocation.

Modern Family, Modern Issues

Before you walk down the aisle, you might want to check to see if you are better off financially by not getting married.

Tony Robbins Lists the 4 Key Principles to Guide Investment Decisions

4 key principles to keep in mind that help with investment decisions.

Spend Your Tax Refund Carefully

Your refund check can go a long way, if you spend it wisely.