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Tax Tips

Make Your Kid a Millionaire, The Perfect Holiday Gift

Your kids don't need more toys this holiday season. So use that money to make them millionaires instead. Tracy Byrnes tells you how.

Year-End Tax Planning With the Pending Tax Policy

Year-end tax planning is hard enough. Throw in possible changes in the tax law and it becomes even more confusing. So watch this video to ease your nerves.

It's Officially Time to Start Thinking About Year-End Tax Planning

Bob Powell sat down with Jon Gassman, the Founder of The Gassman Financial Group, to talk year-end tax planning because, yes, it is that time of year.

There Really is Such a Thing as Good Debt

While "good debt" may sound like an oxymoron, in 60 seconds we'll tell you why there really is such a thing and whether you should pay it off.

Video: Robert Kiyosaki Reveals Why the Rich Are Getting Richer

Famed personal finance author Robert Kiyosaki has cracked the code on why the rich keep getting richer. Kiyosaki is author of the new book "Why the Rich Are Getting Richer."

Congress Passes Disaster Tax Relief for the Hurricane Victims

TheStreet reports on how congress made it easier to file for your 2017 taxes if you were a victim of Hurricane Harvey, Irma or Maria.

Tax Extension Deadline: What You Need to Know and Do Before Midnight Tonight!

If you extended your 2016 tax return back in April, it's due at midnight tonight (Monday, October 16). That's it! There are NO more extensions. So, What do you need to do? Watch Tracy Byrnes video to find out!

5 Back to School Tax Tips

It's time to celebrate back to school season without breaking the bank.

60 Second Tips: Back to School Tax Holidays

If you live in one of the 38 states that collect local sales taxes, you might just get a break.

Your Kid's Summer Job May Need a Tax Return

It's great that your kid got a job, but know that there are tax implications to her newfound money.