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Tax Tip: Small Businesses Get Big Benefits From the New Tax Laws

There are a bunch of benefits in the new tax rules for small businesses. So give us 60 seconds and learn how you can increase your bottom line!

Who Knew an IRS Tech Glitch Could Get You More Time To Prep Your Tax Return

Your tax return is due at midnight on Wednesday, April 18th now thanks to an IRS tech glitch. So either prep it or extend -- but pay your bill. Watch now!

Tax Tip: Get Money Back on Those Pesky Kids

Darn kids can be a pain in the you-know-what. But don't they still look so cute in those feety pajamas? PLUS -- they can get you some money back come tax time! Watch how now!

Tax Tip: Uncle Sam Will Be Looking for Your Cryptocurrency Trades

Calling all traders! Check your Form 1099-B your broker and make sure its error-free before you prep your tax return. And while your cryptocurrency trades may not be on it, they still need to make their way onto it. Watch!

Tax Tip: Can I Deduct My Pet?

We get that your pets are family members and that you spend a TON of money on them, so can you deduct their expenses and claim them as dependents on your tax return? Watch our video to find out!

Tax Tip: Don't Miss These Big Deductions

While you're scrambling to get your tax return done, don't forget some of the less obvious deductions that can save you some money. Watch now!

Tax Tip: File For Free!

File your tax return for free -- yes free! If your 2017 adjusted gross income was below a certain number, you get a gift this tax season! Watch our video to find out what it is!

Last Call!...For These Tax Deductions

You remember last call, don't you?! Well put the drink down and grab your tax return but it's "last call" for some of your favorite tax deductions thanks to the new tax law. Watch our video to find out which ones!

Which Costs More in Retirement? Your Housing or Healthcare

You probably worry the most about healthcare costs in retirement, but you'll be surprised to hear what actually could cost you more! Robert Powell, editor of Retirement Daily, explains. Watch!

Push Off Social Security Until Age 70

If you can push of taking those Social Security payments until you hit 70, you actually will be better off financially for a number of reasons. Robert Powell, editor of Retirement Daily, tells us what there are here so watch now!