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2 Midcaps to Watch Should Pfizer-Array Deal Spark M&A Fever in Biotech Land

These two firms have successful drugs and could make nice additions for larger companies.

2 Small Biotechs With Sagging Shares but Promising Prospects

The stocks of these two developmental concerns have slid recently, but there are reasons to believe they will improve.

Why an Etsy, Pinterest Partnership Makes Sense

If Pinterest is pinning its hopes of profitability on e-commerce, Etsy would be an excellent choice.

It's Tough to Milk Any Profits From Dean Foods

Rumors of a potential company sale gave its shares a lift on Monday, but the stock remains extremely depressed as the dairy producer wallows in red ink.

Who Might the Oil Majors Acquire Next After Chevron's Anadarko Deal?

A rundown of several oil companies that could soon be on the block.

Wynn Resorts Craps Out on Crown Resorts, but Will It Return to the Table?

Wynn aborted talks to acquire Australia's largest casino operator when word of the negotiations leaked, but observers think a deal still may happen.

Jim Cramer: Nvidia's Mellanox Deal, and Apple Upgrade, Have Lifted the Semis

It signals the glut in chips may be done with, which is good news for most of the semiconductor names.

Roche Deal for Spark Therapeutics Shows Biotech M&A Spark Hasn't Died

Acquisition deals for biotech companies at the start of 2019 are giving the sector a nice boost; here are other names that could be merger candidates.

Takeda Pharmaceutical CEO Talks Big Pharma Trends

One of pharma's biggest CEO's talks M&A action on the exchange.

Chart of the Day, Part 1: Tilray, AB Deal Pales in Comparison to Cronos

The buy-in from other companies into the space has been far larger.