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Uber Enters Student Debt Assistance Game to Turn PR-Friendly Corner

Amid a recent PR triage situation, Uber is offering up a positive spin on the company by offering a student debt assistance program for employees.

Millennials Have a Roving Eye on the Job Market Out of Necessity

Millennials have a wandering eye when it comes to employment.

For-Profit Colleges May Lose Federal Aid if Grads Can't Pay Loans

The federal government could soon be taking a hard stance against for-profit colleges.

College Students Mulling Dropping Out Due To High Debt Levels

According to Citizens Financial Group, 50% of college students considered dropping out of school on the heels of high debt levels.

Check Point, Teva Are Smart Choices for 'Frugal' Investors

Check Point Software is an inexpensive stock in the growing cyber-security arena, said Jeff Reeves, author of 'The Frugal Investor's Guide to Finding Great Stocks'.

Amex Fully Valued But Sallie Mae and Discover Have Room To Run

The strong dollar will not hurt American Express too much because the majority of its business is domestic.

Five Tips from the 'Money Coach' to Improve Your Credit Rating

Check your credit reports regularly because your credit rating determines the loan rate you'll get on mortgages.

Obama's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Finds Amped Up Volume

President Obama wants to make good on his promise to stanch the student loan debt hemorrhage.

America's Students Flunking Financial Literacy

Sarano Kelly, founder of Stand Up for Financial Literacy, plans to have 30,000 financial professionals spend a day in the nation's high schools every April to teach basic money skills.

T. Rowe: Kids Need to Learn Early About College Costs

By talking about college early with your kids, they will learn about the costs and why it is important for the family to save for college.