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Student Loans

New Study Supports What Democrats Are Making a Central Theme of Their Presidential Campaign

The latest study from Merrill Lynch appears to support what Democrats have been saying...millennials are cracking under the weight of too much student debt.

Student Debt Education Reform, and Other Issues the Next President Should Tackle

There are some big issues in higher education right now, but not a lot of bipartisan support to find agreement on how to fix them.

T. Rowe Price: Kids, Parents Disconnected on Paying for College

Kids expect parents to cover their college costs, but parents might not be able to meet those expectations.

Here’s How U.S. Government Debt Affects Your Retirement

The U.S. national debt, now over $19 trillion, means investors might need to save more money for their retirement, according to one expert.

Admission Impossible: Here Are the Toughest Colleges to Get Into

For thousands of high school juniors, it's time to start thinking more about the grades and activities they'll need to be able to be competitive applicants.

Refinance Your Students Loans Now Before Interest Rates Head Higher

With a rising rate environment approaching, anybody holding a student loan should consider refinancing, said Brendan Coughlin, president of consumer lending at Citizens Bank (CFG).

GOP Debate Recap: Guns, Flat Tax and Clinton's 'Worst Nightmare'

From student loans to the flat tax to Hillary Clinton's 'worst nightmare' and the 'media elite' made for a GOP presidential debate that was more combative than any so far.

How to Be Happy After Graduation: Choose the Right Major

For new college students, choosing a major sets the course of their lifetime earning potential, yet most students study what they enjoy rather than considering their future income.

Fed, Jobs, and Markets: Here's What Four Smart Women Are Saying

Four experts discuss what's wrong with the job market, what's ahead for the Fed, and why the stock market could be signaling a buying opportunity.

The Numbers Are Grim: America’s Financial Literacy #Fail Is Bigger Than You Think

American students spend about 1,000 hours in school each year, and yet very few, if any, of those hours are dedicated to learning about personal finance.