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Stocks Under $10

Jim Cramer: We're Going to Have It Both Ways

Get used to 'hybrid' living -- a mix of stay-at-home and free-world life. So, invest accordingly.

Making Sense of BlackBerry

Here's the problem.

This Dividend Is All Natural -- and Healthy for Your Portfolio

Let's look at the special offering from Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, and why it looks like nourishing bet.

Furnish Your Portfolio With This Housing-Related Company

Haverty Furniture recently increased its quarterly dividend by almost 36% to $0.19 per share, and is poised to get a boost from housing demand.

This Market Is Feeding on Chaos and Confusion

While some wild speculation reversed and bankrupt names fell back to earth, Nasdaq ran up higher -- but don't bet a top is forming yet.

NIO Is the Quiet Kid in the Class

I expect investors to use NIO as the completion of the EV trifecta for trading and investing.

Turn Up the Volume

Nasdaq had some of the highest volume I've seen at 6.2 million shares -- care to speculate what that tells us?

3 Interesting Stocks I'm Watching Right Now

The S&P 500 can afford to give back a pretty good chunk here without doing any technical damage.

In the Lull Between Earnings Seasons, Keep an Eye on Insider Selling

A key data point to watch, now that corporate blackout dates have come and gone, is insider selling activity.

There Is No 'Smoking Gun' With Blue Apron

If Blue Apron is 'guilty' of this common practice then so are a bevy of other well-known companies in and out of the S&P 500.