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The Price of Exxon Mobil Could Drill Down to Lower Levels in the Months Ahead

Avoid the long side despite the attractive yield.

I'm Going to Buy Amazon but Not Today, Just Too Volatile

Perhaps even more impressive than their revenue beat might the 10% growth in net income.

What Changed on Amazon's Charts as It Soared Overnight Passing Our Price Target?

Hold existing longs and raise stops to at least your entry point.

Somebody Needs to Pull Over Tesla, and Fast

TSLA shorts are getting flattened as shares continue to race higher.

Tesla Shares Soar Into the Stratosphere

Prices can get pushed to ever higher levels as shorts cover and others pay up for growth.

I'd Be Hesitant Chasing General Electric Stock at These Levels

The company needs to continue to reduce debt and strengthen its balance sheet.

How 'Bout General Electric?

The headline grabber came from the full year print for Industrial Free Cash Flow, and the firms' guidance for 2020.

General Electric Continues to Stage a Fundamental Turnaround With Charts Rising

This morning GE reported their Q4 earnings results.

This Is the Trade Approach I'd Consider as Apple Reports Tonight

We aren't yet in an upgrade cycle, so I believe if we are to have a period of lull or supply issues, now is probably the best of a bad situation.

Shares of Apple Could Pause a Bit Before Resuming Their Uptrend

AAPL will report Q1 earnings after Tuesday's market close.