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Can Nike Earnings Turn the Tide? Wrong Question

We may be better off examining the concept of a post-earnings trade.

Wanna Invest in Nike? Here's My Take

The growth in e-commerce will be very closely watched by Wall Street as Nike reports earnings after Tuesday's market close.

Nike Is Positive Looking but Only Go Long on Strength

Let's review a few charts and indicators to see if traders have positioned themselves for a bullish or a bearish earnings report.

The Advantages Netflix Held Over the Market Are Being Removed Brick by Brick

Given Apple and Disney's aggressive pricing structure entering the streaming arena, Netflix's ability to increase prices is now threatened.

Netflix Could Sink Further - Avoid the Stock but Not Your Favorite Shows

Let's take a fresh look at the charts.

How to Trade Apple Stock Now Amid the Overflowing 'Analysis'

Beware of broad internet search trends for the iPhone 11.

Apple: Should You Pick Up Some Stock and the iPhone 11?

It doesn't pay to fight the trend in AAPL shares.

It's Hard Not to Like Microsoft

With Microsoft, I'm most interested in the advancement of Microsoft Teams, a dominant force in the workplace communication space.

Microsoft Could Climb to New Highs Soon

The software giant's shares do not look extended and the price action appears balanced.

Fed Finally Gets It, Calling AT&T and Microsoft Delivers: Market Recon

A dividend hike and a big buyback authorization by Mr. Softee should produce value for shareholders.