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Is This Your Home Depot Buy Opportunity?

Let's think about this and offer up some trade ideas.

Home Depot Sags on Outlook, but a Key Price Will Decide Its Ultimate Fate

A close below $230 would weaken its charts somewhat here on Tuesday, but breaking $216 in the coming days and weeks would be a big deal.

HP and Xerox? Not Such a Bad Idea

With Carl Icahn involved on both sides, we can expect him to lean heavily on both Boards to come to an agreement.

HP Has My Attention, but I'm Not Getting In Now

If tempted, don't forget HPQ will report the firm's fourth quarter performance next Tuesday.

HP Plays Hard to Get, but Charts Provide a Clearer Picture

HP's board of directors has rejected Xerox's takeover bid, but the door has not been closed on a potential combination.

I'm Encouraged by Nvidia's Quarter

I believe that right now, Nvidia is fortunate to be very strong in a business that is consumer-centric, but business spending will return in size at some point.

Nvidia Could Resume Its Uptrend, So Raise Stop Protection

The chipmaker's charts indicate buyers of its shares were more aggressive going into the earnings it reported Thursday.

Jim Cramer: Once Again, Nvidia Pulls Away

CEO Jensen Huang has built a better mousetrap. Or mousetraps.

I'm Just Not Sold on Walmart's Results

Even though the overall trend is bullish on the retailer, enough hints are coming out to consider a downside trade, as earnings were solid but less impressive than past ones.

Walmart's Third Quarter Was a Mixed Performance

I don't want to be short this name long-term, and I certainly don't want to be short the name going into the holiday season.