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Stuck in a Tough Spot, Chevron Drills Down Strategy

Company takes on challenges to cut risk and raise return, and now the technical picture shows it's primed for a quick $5 to $7 move over the next few weeks.

Stitch Fix Is Dressed for Success: Here's How to Play It

The company continues to add new categories, expand geographically, and offer new ways to buy.

Here's What's Driving Demand for Stitch Fix Stock

Is this name worthy of risk? My opinion is no, it is not.

I See a Good Trade in Store for Macy's

Sure, many other big box retailers and niche retail names look better for investing, but M offers some fantastic volatility for a play.

Sluggish Holiday Sales May Be Grinch That Steals Macy's Dividend

The question is whether M can continue to fork over a dividend of its current size.

Macy's Profits Are Under a Serious State of Erosion

100% of all revenue producing models eventually fail unless there is some evolution. Adapt or else.

Ulta's Q3 Is Strong Enough With Guidance That It Should Put Buyers in the Stock

As far as the technical picture, momentum traders have to be drooling at this gap fill.

Despite EPS Beat, Ulta Beauty Just Doesn't Look That Good

With competition from the likes of Sephora and slow revenue growth, ULTA seems to be losing its shine, but here's how to play it.

As Nike Finds Its Footing on Direct Sales, Expect It to Race Higher in 2020

But if China trade talks fail, this shoe company could get tripped up, so here's how to play it.

Ready, Set, Go: Nike Could Break Out to the Upside

Let's check the charts and technical indicators before we lace up a recommendation.