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Jim Cramer: It's Incredible That FedEx Is Making Any Money at All

It's one of the biggest messes I have ever seen, and believe me I think I just scratched the surface of things that are going the wrong way.

FedWrecks Might Be a More Fitting Name for FedEx

Misses and/or lowered guidance have become synonymous with FedEx's earnings releases.

Does One Really Need to Be in FedEx?

This is the fifth consecutive quarter that FDX in some way reduced forward guidance.

Jim Cramer: FedEx on the Defensive as It Finds the Freight Script Flipped

The shipping giant suddenly is cast in the role of an oversize start-up as it struggles to adjust to changes in its business.

Just Because Roku's CFO Heads to Exit Doesn't Mean Investors Must Follow

But there are other reasons why waiting to enter the stock makes sense.

Is There a More Fun Stock to Trade Than Roku? Here's My Idea

What's the big attraction to a business like Roku's? Plain and simple, a fair number of consumers actually enjoy the convenience of the cable box. Even cord cutters.

What Now for Boeing? A Question Far Too Complex to Easily Answer

There is less risk if one has the conviction of opinion in expressing their own view through several options strategies than there is in staking a claim in the equity space.

Costco's Numbers Weren't as Strong as They Looked

The technical picture may be the most troublesome aspect surrounding COST.

Jim Cramer: Costco Just Keeps Delivering

What matters to me is that Costco's model works perfectly in a trade war. Oh, and irony of ironies: you know where it works best? Shanghai.

As Lululemon Stretches Down, It Stays a Little Too Steady

I had anticipated more volatility following earnings, but LULU bounced from the after-hours lows too quickly to create any hedge -- here's how it may work out going forward.