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Take a Bow: Netflix Has Made Base Pattern That Can Support Much Higher Prices

Here's how to play the stock after a disappointing showing at the Golden Globes.

Disney's Outperformance Is Not Guaranteed

As we head into 2020, the technical picture is best described as something's gotta give.

I'm Not Betting the Farm on Disney

My caution perhaps stems from what for the most part appears to be rampant success in 2019 that leaves a high bar for 2020.

Disney's Upside Potential Should Entertain and Reward Investors in 2020

The charts and indicators of the entertainment giant present a bullish case,

The Growth of Apple's Valuation This Year Is Almost Unfathomable

Calling the top on this stock has been a fool's errand. That being said, it is showing signs of exhaustion on the charts, however, exhaustion is not the same as a top.

Apple Is the Mark of Excellence

Apple is at the core, for me personally, at the very center of my 5G technology trade.

Apple Can Rally Still Further in the New Year

Let's check out the latest charts and indicators.

Do You Really Buy Amazon's Own Praise for Its Product Sales?

Read between the lines in the PR release and there's still a lot to act on in the areas of smart TVs, smart homes, and streaming services - that's how to play AMZN.

Here's When I Would Buy Amazon

I do believe that Amazon is a long term buy, and even if political pressure does build to break the firm up into smaller pieces, that would be in the end a positive for shareholders.

Amazon Charts Suggest a Nudge Could Push Its Shares Considerably Higher

The online giant's stock may not make a new high, but a longer-term upside breakout is possible based on its technical signs.