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Netflix Stock: Why I'm Keeping My Bird Box Blindfold On

The impact of raising subscription prices on net subscribers adds over the next six months is a huge unknown.

Netflix Dip: Reversal or Buying Opportunity?

Bearish analysts may call the rally from late December 'short covering' but that may not be true.

A Number of Things About Netflix Earnings Have Left Me Wondering: Market Recon

Unfortunately for NFLX, the competition will only increase.

Jim Cramer: This Market Takes Its Cue From the Positive and Ignores the Negative

So far 2019 is proving to be a year where things have a habit of working out right.

Real Money Report Card: Big Week for Bank Earnings

Banks' quarterly reports mean quarterly grades are due.

Taiwan Semiconductor Occupies Precarious Perch in International Trade

A potential peel-back of trade restrictions is taking TSM higher, but politics still play a role.

The Market Has Found a Way to Forgive Taiwan Semiconductor

The company may be benefitting from current low expectations.

Semiconductor Slowdown Scare Could Be Shortsighted

The long-term demand bolstered by secular shifts in technology are keeping many onboard the ship for semiconductors in the long term.

My Taiwan Semiconductor Trade Idea - Don't Buy It at All

TSM's largest customer is Apple, and it's second largest is Huawei.

Taiwan Semiconductor Slides as Smartphone Slowdown Spreads Pain to Semis

The big contract chipmaker issues a downbeat forecast of what lies ahead for the semiconductor giant, and likely for the sector.