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Etsy Could Soar Even Higher as Buyers Adapt to the New Online Economy

ETSY shares up 150% from their March lows.

There's a Worthy Options Play to Be Had With JP Morgan

I'm not willing to stick my neck out right now and take an equity stake.

JP Morgan Chase Is Still Pointed Lower but Remain Alert for Opportunities

The stock price of JPM is still pointed down and the broad market has not put in a low yet - this means there is further risk.

Coronavirus: The 'Cure' Is Worse Than the Disease

Instead, keep calm, buy some bargain stocks -- which have been knocked down to a fraction of their true long-term values -- and wait for resolution.

I'm Stirred Up Over Coca-Cola

KO pays a sustainable dividend -- and is attractive in uncertain times -- but it's exposed to breakdowns in supply chains and demand.

Coca-Cola Could Make a 2-Day Price Reversal, so Watch Closely

The soft drink giant in recent days has not seen the more aggressive sellng that most stocks have experienced of late.

I Fully Intend to Add to My Long Costco Position Friday

To label COST my favorite retailer is to put it mildly.

What About a Deal With HP Inc. and DocuSign?

What boggles my mind is DocuSign sitting out there at $15 billion that could work well with HPQ - or Xerox - and their strong free cash flow.

HP Inc.? I'll Pass

I did look out three months to see if there was maybe an intelligent way to play this name through the options market.

Great Expectations? Not for Dollar Tree

I'm apt to sit this one out on the long side or even consider puts below $80.