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Analysts Slash Price Targets on Foot Locker After Poor Quarterly Results

Wall Street is not providing any warmth for Foot Locker amidst a cold reaction to its disappointing earnings release on Friday.

Add Foot Locker to the Latest List of Retail Casualties

There's little in the report or technical picture that makes me want to rush into FL.

Foot Locker Has a Bad Case of Athlete's Foot

Big institutions have been cutting the stock since even the last earnings report.

Foot Locker Strikes Out, but Wait, There's More

Today's reaction is not only about China, or the missed expectations... it's also about lowered guidance for profitability.

Foot Locker Stock Slumps as First Quarter Earnings Fall Short

FL's sneakers aren't selling up to expectations.

How Realistic Are Robotaxis at Tesla in 2020?

Elon Musk's extraordinary efforts require adequate scrutiny.

For Tesla, China Offers as Many Challenges as Opportunities

Musk's move into China faces pressing macro concerns.

SolarCity Isn't Helping Tesla's Energy Ambitions

SolarCity could weigh on TSLA for some time.

Tesla Is on My 'Do Not Trade' List at the Moment

Unfortunately, Elon Musk has become more obsessed with the stock price than running a company.

On Tesla, Musk Needs His Seat Belt Low and Tight Right Now

With the charts showing the risk of much-lower prices ahead, only consider a short-term lease.