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Polaris May Very Well Present a Long Term Entry Opportunity

An under-the-radar tie in here is Vision Marine.

Doug Kass: Here's What My 2022 Stock Market Super Bowl Indicator Is Telling Me

Super Bowl LVI brings another 'tell.'

This Mouse Roared: Here's How I'm Trading Disney

If we can just keep this darned virus from re-imposing itself in a big way, Disney is indeed, on its way.

Is Nike's Winning Streak About to End?

The athletic apparel maker's chart indicates its run could be over as it flashes bearish signals; meanwhile, it looks like Peloton may have put in a bottom.

Beijing Begins Controversial Winter Olympics in a Bubble

With 100% artificial snow and a tight Covid bubble around the athletes, these Winter Olympics will be unlike any that have ever been held.

Shares of Logitech Rally but a Bottom Is Not in Place

Traders could put LOGI on their market-minder and let's see how things develop.

DraftKings Could Bounce as Bearish News Is Less of an Influence

This is for nimble traders who can get in and get out.

Shares of Nike Look Soft Ahead of Earnings

NKE reports Q2 earnings Monday, and here's what to avoid.

Is Peloton Worthy of Speculation? I'd Rather Day Trade It

These fundamentals did not convince me to go out and get long the stock.

Peloton's Bounce May Not Travel Very Far

Without a bottom formation, prices are more likely to sink still lower in the months ahead.