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I Hesitate to Go Long Take-Two Interactive Right Now

Let's see what the charts look like now.

Kass: The Mouse That Didn't Roar

Disney has been the target of my negativity on and off over the last three years.

Nike Shares Are Starting to Slip: Here Are the Key Price Levels to Watch

Let's see what the charts and indicators tell us.

Dick's Sporting Goods Looks Headed for a Bearish Summer

Somewhere Dick's missed a signal from the coach in April.

Going Long on Under Armour

Traders should go long on a dip to $26 and investors who are long from lower levels can add here and risk a close below $24.

2 Casino Stocks That Could 'Crap Out' on China Trade Trouble

Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands are both levered to Macau.

Is Callaway Golf Teed Up for a Tiger-Like Comeback?

Let's see where Callaway's shares line up.

Mickey Mouse Streaming Club Welcomes Analysts

Unfortunately, I don't think there are many new angles anyone will be able to offer on Disney.

With Nike, I'd Prefer to Focus on the Core

Overall, I viewed Nike's results as good, not great. But good is also not bad.

Why the Nike Selloff?

Here's what I think a trader could do.