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The 5 Most Expensive Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea start Feb. 9th. And history has shown that hosting is way more expensive then any budget could ever predict. Watch our video to see exactly how much money some countries have paid.

Lululemon Close to a Breakout

The CEO's exit looks like a buying opportunity for the stock of LULU.

2018 Super Bowl Ad: Hyundai Draws Attention To Pediatric Cancer

Hyundai's Super Bowl LII ad focused on pediatric cancer. Every day, 43 kids are diagnosed with cancer. Clearly this issue needs attention, so watch the full ad now!

2018 Super Bowl Ad: Pepsi Brings 'Em All Back -- Even the King of Pop

Pepsi is putting the band back together for a Generations Ad that even brings back the King of Pop. Watch!

5 Ways Corporate America Scores Touchdowns at the Super Bowl

Corporate America is all over the biggest sporting event of the year. From the tailgate to the ads to the winning trophy, big companies are involved and making money. Watch our video to see how.

2018 Super Bowl Ad: Yellow Tail is Once Again the Only Wine Ad You'll See

Yellow Tail is back as the only wine company to have a commercial during the Super Bowl. And with Anheuser-Busch having the exclusive rights to be the only alcohol ads that air during the game, the wine company found a clever way to work around that.

2018 Super Bowl Ad: Bud Light Looks to Medieval Warriors to Boost Sales

If the beer world has a holiday, the Super Bowl is it. But beer sales have been stagnant. So Anheuser-Busch Inbev, the only alcohol company that has national rights to advertise during the big game, is hoping its medieval Super Bowl LII ad will help change that. Dilly dilly.

5 of the Hottest Items Sold by Outdoor Brands

Outdoor apparel is on fire! And its sales are beating out fashion apparel. Because who doesn't love the great outdoors?! But you're going to need some gear. And here are the top five items you've been buying. Watch!

2018 Super Bowl Ad: Coke's Super Bowl Ad Focuses on Diversity and Inclusion

Coke's Super Bowl LII ad focuses on diversity and inclusion. So watch the full ad now!

The Really Big Money Rushes to Super Bowl

This will be the ninth consecutive year when the big game tops that 100 million-viewers mark.