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Peloton and Nautilus: Exercise Caution or No Sweat Buys?

Let's check out the charts of two exercise equipment makers.

I'm Grappling With WWE as Vince McMahon Plots a Return to the Ring

It's a messy situation at World Wrestling Entertainment. But there's a way to trade it.

Planet Fitness Is Getting in Shape to Start the Year

Here's how traders can play the stock.

Under Armour Needs More Than a New CEO to Boost Its Stock

When the marketplace ignores the arrival of a new CEO we should be careful.

BOJ, Yield Curve, Tuesday's Markets, Tesla Trade, Zelenskyy in DC, Nike Rocks It

The Bank of Japan move had a negative impact on longer dated non-Japanese sovereign debt as well.

Just Do It? Traders Have Options as Nike Reports Earnings

Can NKE do better than its first quarter, or at least paint a more optimistic forward-looking picture?

DraftKings' Shares Seem Unable to Gain Any Action or Traction

Is this a stock worth betting on?

Can Manchester United Investors Finally Make Their Goal?

With the possibility of a sale of MANU getting kicked around, it's game-on for owners of the shares.

Ready, Set, Shop! Retail ETF Dichotomy, Mixed Macro Signals, Fed Forecast

Plus, a British tabloid reports of Apple's possible interest in buying the iconic Manchester United soccer club.

Manchester United Is for Sale, So Let's Kick Around the Charts

MANU is an unusual asset and probably hard to value by equity analysts.