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Nike Reports After the Bell Tuesday, Here's How to Trade It

I would probably rather play this name from the short side, but the risk must be contained.

How to Bet on DraftKings as Michael Jordan Joins as 'Special Advisor'

We have gone from banning former players for shaking hands and smiling for pictures to inviting sports gambling right into the venues that house the events themselves.

Don't Bet Heavily on DraftKings Right Now

The charts and indicators of DKNG are looking a little risky for longs.

Time to Get Off Your Peloton?

A bearish divergence is a 'heads up' that you need to pay closer attention.

Polaris Industries Leads the Way on the Upside in the Outdoors Bull Market

Look to trade PII from the long side.

Good Weather, Trusty Charts Are Helping Brunswick Rally

The charts and indicators of BC suggest further gains are possible.

DraftKings Bulls Await Word on Professional and Collegiate Sports

I'm focused on the short-term picture for a trade here.

Callaway Golf Looks Ready to Swing Into Action

It's hard to say this will be a hole in one, but ELY appears like it will work higher and a breakout over the highs of 2018 will be possible.

Polaris Could Rest After Its Powerful Rally From the March Low

Prices could break out on the upside for further gains but right now I think a pullback of some degree is in order.

Planet Fitness Could Weaken Further Despite Reopening Plans

In the past two weeks PLNT has weakened and closed back below the declining 50-day moving average line.