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Intuit's Sideways Move Could Be Coming to an End

Here's where the stock may be headed next.

Meta's Job Cuts Push the Stock Higher, But Is It Sustainable?

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There's Risk Involved When Comparing Apple to Apple

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Put Zscaler at the End of the List

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Volatility Alert, Thursday's Rally, C3.ai Jumps, Bless the Fed Pragmatists

The charts for the S&P 500 and Naasdaq Composite suggest that the market could be in for a period of increased volatility soon.

Salesforce Scores a Mega Victory and I'll Continue to Ride This Winner

The company crushes earnings expectations and its outlook is a lot better than expected, too, so why sell now?

Okta Soars on Earnings: How to Trade the Shares

Let's check the charts of the cloud security company and formulate a game plan.

Broadcom Shares Display Their Share of Indifference Ahead of Earnings

The charts of the semiconductor maker aren't robust in advance of its first-quarter results.

Confident Bears Battle Stubborn Bulls

The market needs a big move on economic news to shake things up and create new opportunities.