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Micron Stock Advances Amid Memory Demand Recovery Forecast

Micron may be putting in the bottom on memory demand.

Micron Technology Is Likely to Continue Trading Sideways in the Weeks Ahead

MU could rally Thursday but it will probably do very little to really improve the technical picture.

Chart of the Day: Alphabet Has a History of Expensive Infractions in Europe

Alphabet has amassed quite the tab from the European Union.

Alphabet's Stadia Video Streaming Is Here but I Have Issues With the Stock

What I notice, however, is just how fast the competition will come up behind GOOGL on this.

Investors Await Clarity on Alphabet's Attempt to Upend the Gaming Industry

GOOGL's ambitious gaming has to answer questions before being called a true game changer.

Symmetry Suggests Splunk Sets Up for an Options Trade

Consider a bullish options strategy on this one, whether it's selling a vertical credit spread or buying a bullish vertical debit spread.

Chart of the Day: Is Broadcom CEO Hock Tan Worth His Big Salary?

Big salaries demand big returns. Has Hock Tan delivered?

I View Broadcom as a Blend Play Rather Than a Growth Story

AVGO has a place in a portfolio as a balance for aggressive portfolios or work as the higher end risk entry in a low to moderate risk portfolio.

Semiconductor Sector Could Be in For More Consolidation

Is the semi space in for another round of M&A?

Jim Cramer: A Vintage Quarter From Broadcom

But most important, networking is on fire - the internet of things and that's so terrific for everyone.