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Pseudo QE, Essent Group's Essence and Datadog-Cisco Intrique: Market Recon

Plus, defense contractors remain stocks to own as geopolitical risk isn't going away.

Cisco's Reported Buyout Offer for Datadog Drives Home Its Software Ambitions

The networking giant was reportedly willing to pay much more than $7 billion for infrastructure and app monitoring software firm Datadog, which delivered a strong IPO on Thursday.

It's Hard Not to Like Microsoft

With Microsoft, I'm most interested in the advancement of Microsoft Teams, a dominant force in the workplace communication space.

Why I Covet Twilio and How I'm Playing This Cloud Stock Now

I now have an ally in Morgan Stanley.

Microsoft Could Climb to New Highs Soon

The software giant's shares do not look extended and the price action appears balanced.

Fed Finally Gets It, Calling AT&T and Microsoft Delivers: Market Recon

A dividend hike and a big buyback authorization by Mr. Softee should produce value for shareholders.

How This Long-Time Adobe Fan Is Playing the Stock After Earnings

Even at these levels, those long the shares for more than a few months still have profits to protect.

I Have a Solution to Adobe's Growth Problem: DocuSign

The cloud stock's results weren't great, but were nothing close to the FedEx disaster.

For Adobe Systems, the Close Is More Important Than the Open

The company's fiscal third-quarter earnings and revenue beat analysts' forecasts, but guidance for the fourth quarter was below expectations.

Go Slow on Adding Dynatrace to Your Portfolio

Let's check out the limited price history of DT.