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The Tide May Be Turning for Cannabis Stocks: Here's How I'm Playing It

Given that cannabis stocks have only begun to turn higher, I'm not going overly aggressive on this trade.

Inflation Concerns Slam Growth Stocks

It wasn't apparent in the senior indexes, but parts of the market suffered their worst corrective action since September.

The Biggest Losers Today Have Been the Biggest Winners

There's some messy action Wednesday as many of the names I follow are trying to digest earnings reports.

Don't Time the Indexes, Let Your Individual Stocks Dictate Your Market Exposure

Everyone agrees that the market is extended and needs a rest, but this is a market for stock picking, not index timing.

The Issue Isn't Whether the Indexes Correct, But How

Will the entire market drop in tandem or will there be rotation into lagging stocks?

Options Play of the Week: Dipping Into Dynavax

Knee-jerk reactions to earnings results can create attractive opportunities.

Looking for a Bargain? Look at Small-Caps

Here and over the next few articles, I'll be highlighting small-caps with large potential gain potential.

Small-Caps Are Just Getting Started

I think the next few weeks are going to be very kind to aggressive traders that focus on finding quality setups.

With FOMO in Force, the Challenge Is Finding Good Entry Points

Trade management is important right now.

The Process of Making EV Batteries Matters, Which Is Where This Name Comes In

Nano One Materials is starting to gain attention for its process technology that can make electric battery production greener.