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Stocks Climb a Wall of Worry as Political Debate Intensifies

A Wall of Worry, Fed-created liquidity, and aggressive speculative trading is creating a bullish environment for stocks.

Sit Tight: The Market Is Getting Choppy

Big cap growth stocks and everyone else just can't go up or down together. Let's pick apart what this means.

There's No Rush for the Exits Despite All the Dramatic News

Compare this action to what happened back in February and March when the Covid crisis first started to impact the market.

Stock Market Takes Trump Covid Drama in Stride: Here's Why

There are a couple of things that are helping to contain the selling.

Despite Uncertainties on Stimulus, Appetite for Buying Remains

Stocks drifted on news and politics, but stock picking continues to work.

A V-Shaped Bounce and a Story of 3 Markets

To do well in this market you have to be in the 'third market' where the values are.

It's Another Good Day for Stock-Picking: Here's What I'm Trading

We are now five days off the low hit last Thursday morning.

Jim Cramer: Thanks for Nothing, Washington

It's too late. By delaying the stimulus this long Congress has doomed lots of smaller businesses.

Investors, Keep Your Eye on These Market Roadblocks

High-volume resistance levels typically require multiple attempts before being violated.

Nasdaq Retakes the Line, My Tech-Centric Focus, Debate Watching, Mid-Cap Beauty

Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Mnuchin appear to be playing nice for the moment. Can we keep the consumer in the game?