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With FOMO in Force, the Challenge Is Finding Good Entry Points

Trade management is important right now.

The Process of Making EV Batteries Matters, Which Is Where This Name Comes In

Nano One Materials is starting to gain attention for its process technology that can make electric battery production greener.

Fed Takeaways, What Is Truth?, Small-Caps Lead, China Warning, Trading Albemarle

There was a story almost entirely missed by the media on Wednesday. The Treasury Department announced a tapering of its own ahead of the Fed's policy statement.

The Russell 2000 Has the 'Space' to Go Much Higher

The charts of the Russell, S&P 500 and Nasdaq are notably different right now.

Small-Caps Lead a Market Melt-Up

Many of the smaller stocks that have been lagging for months started to come alive, as Wednesday proves once again everyone loves to love the Fed.

Small-Caps Break Out, Uranium Is Hot

There is some choppy action, but that isn't unusual in front of the Fed.

Conditions Are Ripe for a 'Sell the News' Reaction to the Fed

The Fed is often viewed as a catalyst for a possible pullback, but the market loves to love the Fed and stock picking remains robust.

This Is a Day for Strategy: Here's Mine

The volatility on a day like this isn't indicative of anything fundamental.

Small-Cap Momentum Stalls, but Rotation Should Continue

To me this looks like just a temporary reset and not a failed breakout.

Money Is Moving, Midcap Opportunity? Fed Meeting, Coal, Earnings Chatter, Rivian

How far behind the large-cap indexes the S&P 400 and S&P 600 really are is astounding.