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Have Small-Cap Stocks Topped Out?

Let's check out the charts of the small-cap heavy IWM ETF .

Can These Stocks Run Into Earnings?

Here's what's on my radar as market players continue to be optimistic about the prospects of individual stocks into earnings.

Shark Bites: Convergence of News and Technicals Makes Xeris Interesting

Even when the story is good, the chances of a great trade are enhanced when technical conditions are there to help drive it.

An OK Thursday, Man vs. Machine, Labor Labors, QE Forever?: Market Recon

Plus, we check in on Peloton and Datadog and the Nasdaq Composite Index.

It Could Have Been Much Worse

Technically the selling action has been contained, but there are some reasons to be careful.

Small Stocks, Big Corrections

Smaller stocks that were big winners are coming back down right now, and here are some on my screen.

Shark Bites: InMode Gets Back to Rally Mode

The company's guidance Tuesday substantially surpasses the estimates that were in place before the Covid crisis hit.

Big-Cap Technology Regains Its Leadership as Banks Kick Off Earnings Season

There was some significant rotational action Monday and we'll see if that continues as we move into earnings reports.

This Market Continues to Ignore Big Picture Worries

The primary focus is on trying to put more cash to work.

Return of the Mega-Caps

The tech giants came alive for the first time all week on Friday -- here's what that means for the indicators, and all those other stocks.